Check-in Security Solutions

Airport Check-in Intrusion Detection System

Actively distinguish between bags and humans, to alert incidents of intrusion into the baggage system at check-in, using Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Over the last few years there have been many recorded incidents of intrusion into baggage-handling systems at check-in; from children playing and inadvertently entering the system to malicious intrusion.

Due to the nature of the function at check in – introducing bags into the baggage system – securing the system can be problematic; how to allow bags into the system but prevent intrusion without significantly impacting operations.

Various solutions have been attempted, from simple light barriers which are easily defeated since they need to be turned off to allow bags into the system, to complex laser scanning options which require extensive set-up and are also vulnerable when bags are being handled. Check-in Secure AI delivers the most effective answer to a surprisingly difficult problem.


IP CCTV Cameras
Located around the collector belt, covering the precise transfer points where baggage is sent airside.
Intruder Detection System (IDS) Software
CCTV-Integrated machine-learning (AI) software that continuously scans the video and actively distinguishes between luggage and humans in real-time.
Integration Platform
SCADA-integrated software that maps the cameras to the collector belts, enabling the correct belt to be halted automatically when a human is detected.
Rapid Set-up Programme
Installation, configuration and implementation in days.

Schematic Diagram


  • Integrated CCTV-AI system that continually improves and adapts
  • Machine-learning enables the system to be taught and then to be self-taught
  • Fully-integrated system that plugs into the existing baggage-handling SCADA platform
  • Automatic control-room alerting and viewing
  • Before, during and after-event footage stored: retrievable on demand and exportable
  • Automatic collector-belt halting, subject to client operational parameters
  • Can be deployed anywhere in the baggage-handling system to detect human presence
  • Redundant and scalable

Investment Case

  • Minimal installation disruption
  • Minimal operational disruption
  • Improved security
  • Improved safety
  • Enhanced protection against negative publicity
  • Enhanced protection against legal action
  • Reduction in baggage-handling system shut-downs
  • Recording and storage of event video footage
  • Generation of reports on numbers of incidents, locations, duration, etc.